Fiber Optic Specialists

Take it into high gear

The specialists at Fibre Zone can determine the possibility of constructing a fiber optic network for the citizens of your municipality or for your RCM.

A turnkey service

Connect the residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings in your region to the rest of the world.

High-speed internet

IP telephony

Analog, digital, HD or IP television

Request a budget estimate

Begin with a low-cost budget estimate and a preliminary feasibility study in order to understand your options and allow you to finance your project. Big telecommunication companies may not be interested in investing in bringing high-speed networks to rural areas, but Fibre Zone’s award-winning team gives you the opportunity to deploy a network in your region.

Choose a specialized company

Fibre Zone is not an engineering or construction firm, nor are we a carrier. Fibre Zone is a companion. We are a company that specializes in network design, project management and training. This allows us to accompany you through all the steps of deploying a network.

Placement of a high-performance network at low cost

Bid negotiation with vendors

Defense of your interests when dealing with utility compagnies

Outside-the-box solutions

Fibre Zone will act as your representative in dealing with third parties involved in the installation of your network. We understand the difficulties inherent in a deployment and we can help you to reduce costs, avoid traps and successfully complete your project.

Demand a qualified team

The Fibre Zone team is made up of highly qualified professionals. Our team has years of collective experience in fiber optic network deployments and is certified by the Fiber Optics Association (FOA) and the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Council. Our employees have worked on hundreds of projects projects for cooperatives as well as telecom companies such as Bell Canada, Telus and Vidéotron.






Discover the steps

Your FTTH project will begin with initial planning, a detailed needs analysis and a budget estimate. These steps permit us to consider any construction particularities, to determine the preferred topology of the network, to decide on the appropriate technology (Active-Ethernet or a Passive Optical Network [PON]) and, finally, to choose installation options and environment-appropriate cables for your area. Fibre Zone will keep you up to date with detailed communication every step of the way. Our team’s rigorous approach to analysis and installation allows us to consistently offer you a fair price for your FTTH network.

Design and Engineering
Topology type, cable size and route, material selection, plans and quotes, permits and right-of-way

Call for bids
Selection of vendors, manufacturers, distributors, engineering firms and network design and implementation contractors

Project management
Suivi des coûts et des échéanciers, gestion des manufacturiers, des distributeurs, des firmes d’ingénierie et des entrepreneurs en construction de réseaux

Quality control
Technical and safety inspection, regulatory compliance, analysis of OTDR and other tests, verification of plans, vendor evaluation

Personnel Training
Fiber Optic Association-certified training. Our courses permit personnel to construct and maintain passive fiber optic networks.

Customer Service
Coaching for operational teams, adding elements to the network, analysis and correction of technical issues, test and compliance analyses

Fibre Zone

Present in both Canada and Africa, Fibre Zone, Inc. is a business comprised of fibre optics specialists and experts in telecommunication infrastructures. It is made up of a highly qualified team with wide-reaching experience in optical fibre, copper multiconductor cables and coaxial cables. With an extensive knowledge of design, preliminary engineering, consulting, training and budget estimates; in addition to project and infrastructure management, Fibre Zone offers expert perspectives on local networks (LAN), metropolitan networks (MAN), extended/wide networks (WAN) as well as fibre to the home (FTTH, FTTN, FTTx, etc.).

Expertise and Certifications

Fiber optic association (foa)

We are a long-time member of the FOA and are proud to be the only organisation in North America as well as the only one in Northern and Western Africa to offer FOA certification in French. Anyone wishing to join this international association of fibre optic professionals must first demonstrate their expertise and aptitudes.

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Fiber to the home council (ftth)

We are the only organisation in Quebec to have personnel recognized by the FTTH Council as “Certified Fiber to the Home Professionals.” This certification acknowledges an high level of technical skill in FTTx fibre technology, especially relating to FTTH (to the Home) and FTTD (to the Desktop).

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We are a corporate member of BICSI, the worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals. Their goal is to provide information, education and knowledge assessment for individuals in the information and communications technology (ICT) community.

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